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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ pavilion

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit

We would like you to help us draw a caricature of A3 in size for my ROM signage board cum invitation cards

I have attached several pictures for your drawing:

The first 3 attachment are our picture together and inidividual pictures(close up) The 4th, 5th & 6th attachment are pictures of the pavilion as the background The 7th attachment is the picture of my toys (Cow & Dog) The Last attachment is the Font we wanted for the wordings

- Bride in white wedding gown and Groom in Black suit
- Bride one hand holding a bouquet of roses (white, pink and lavender colour), another hand locking Groom arms

- as per the attached pictures
- please draw without the table and chairs (just the Pavilion) as the Pavilion is where we are holding our Solemnisation
- Colour theme will be White, Pink and Lavender
- Draw lot of flowers decoration in the Pavilion with the colour theme
- A wooden signage board hang at the top of the Pavilion with the word:

In Matrimony

- Bottom of the drawing : add in 2 Wooden Signage stands (at the grass patch) with the words:

1) Xingyuan & Peiyi

2) 3rd Jan 2010

- Besides the signage stand - draw in a small Cow & a Dog (as attached) in black tuxedos"

Wedding couple caricatures @ pavillion
Have to make adjustment to the position of the signage board on top of the pavilion.
Ideally, it should be at the centre top, but was blocked by the couple.
And yet I don't want the pavilion to be so big and overwhelming, such that it is covering the couple, visually.
Now, it looked a bit lopsided but balanced by the signage, cartoon cow and dog at the bottom left. The focus is now on the couple.

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