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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caricature theme - Man with VLCC

Client's brief:-
"...The person in subject is a tall & lanky bespectacled (specs’ colour to revert) guy. I would like the background to show a VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) in red & yellow – vessel’s name will be SAM KOH. The vsl is to berth against a terminal with its shore tanks visible.

The person will be in a sharp & sleek grey suit, white shirt (?), blue tie, black shiny leather shoes (?), and in his shirt/blazer pocket, a mont blanc pen with a blue gem stone (will try to obtain a pic of it). Are the colour coordination ok?

Pls also put in cuff links & tie pin if it will be shown. He is to carry a smug posture (but pleasant facial expression) if you’re able to capture that...."

Guy caricature with VLCC
When I saw the brief, first thing that strikes me is that the blue gem on the Mont Blanc pen will not be able to see clearly. I highlighted this to the client.
True enough, It turned out as expected. I can only outline the pen to make it more visible.

Thank you, Wai Pheng (the client).
She bought me 2 boxes of little snacks with chocolate mousse within (upon her collection of the caricature). I don't know what you call them though.:) My kids love it!

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