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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caricature theme - 最佳拍檔

Client's brief:-
"I wish to have a caricature drawn of me and my friend (Andy) for his birthday in March 12th. (So no hurry, just before this date)

Some background on the both of us. We are best of buddies, known each other for 10 years already. That's why I choose the theme from the movie "Ace goes places"

Would prefer just the 2 guys, (leave the lady out) the one with hair being him and bald being me (PLEASE DON"T draw me being bald!) Just for reference cos he is leaner than me :)

Wordings would be 最佳拍檔 (Chinese characters ) on the top and then "Happy Birthday, Buddy" at the bottom.

We both like the Barclays Premier League and his favourite team is Tottenham Spurs while mine is Manchester United. So would like to have the 2 jerseys of our favourite team hanging at the back by our side. Throw in 1 soccer ball on the floor as well.

Because we are huge comic fans as well, i would like for him to have a spiderman suit inside his black jacket while i have a superman suit inside mine to be partially shown. (Just like Superman opening up a few buttons of his shirt to reveal the superman logo)"

Buddy caricatures  最佳拍档
Response from the client upon receiving this framed artwork;-
"Very nice!"

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