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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Caricature theme - ice skating + pianist

Client's brief:-
"...The theme - I was hoping you are able to create a winter/snow backdrop, a skating ring in the foreground with a white grand piano on the skating ring. Having him playing the piano while I'm skating. I have also included pictures of skaters with their outfits, however you choose to draw/color for the entire theme, I leave it to your expertise.

He plays the piano and I'm a dancer so I thought of this theme, means something to us on a special day.
Also I would like to have this in the transparent acrylic frame."

couple caricatures ice blading and pianist
I didn't use the outfit (photo) provided by the client.
I did some research online, and use this design, but added in my own colour scheme.
This drawing was in A4 size.
Pretty tight drawing space for a couple drawing, especially with a piano!

couple caricatures ice blading and pianist transparent acrylic frame
Transparent backing frame vs black backing acrylic frame.
Which one do you prefer?

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