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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Caricature for Ogilvy & Mather Asia/Pacific Singapore

Returned client's brief (pretty similar as previous job placed in last August):-
"Here's what we need drawn.

A lady named Yanti running away from 5 Giant HUGGIES Diapers (who are
running towards her) and 5 Giant KOTEX Sanitary Napkins (flying above her).
She is running towards a nice looking bridge which is linked to NEW ZEALAND
which is filled with many nice houses and many white + black sheeps.

(... you may recall but I did request for a similar visual to be drawn
about a year ago...)

(See attached file: 2599_001.pdf)

Thus visual should include:
Main lady character : Yanti
5 Giant Huggies Diapers
5 Giant Kotex Sanitary Napkins
Other smaller diapers and napkins surrounding the GIANT monsters so that
it shows that many things are chasing after her
NZ island filled with lush green grass
4 big house (mansion like with swimming pools , nice roofs and
8 white and black sheeps

Headline Copy (to be included perhaps above the NZ island?)
"We will miss you YANTI!...
With lots of love,
From your beloved bodily fluid specialist team"

Caricature for Ogilvy & Mather AsiaPacific Singapore
Have to be extremely careful whenever I received a long brief from the clients.
If I missed out one of them, I will be in "trouble". Hahaha.........

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