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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Caricature theme - solemnisation @ Dalla Restaurant & Bar, Boat Quay

Client's brief:-
"My name is Mas, a wedding planner from Love Concierge. I would like to have a caricature done for my client. They will be holding their solemnisation on the 14th Sept in a restaurant name Dallas Restaurant & Bar located at Boat Quay. I would like an A4 size caricature done based on the background of the restaurant or something related to the restaurant. As for the dressing wise, the bride would be wearing the top (photo attch) with jeans and high heels. As for the groom, he would be wearing just jeans, T-shirt with a jacket. Can the caricature be done on an A3 paper as it is meant to become a guest sign-in book for the event so the picture would be an A4 size on an A3 paper. The excess would be used for guest to sign-in..."

Couple wedding caricatures solemnisation @ Dalla Restaurant & Bar, Boat Quay
Knowing that there will be about 40 guests signing on this artwork, I proposed to have it done on an A2 size paper, with caricatures drawn in about A3 size.

A very casual and unique solemnisation indeed, jeans, jacket and T-shirt etc.

Upon his collect, the client told me that he will come back to me for more.

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