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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Caricature theme - Liverpool fan

Client's brief:-
"I want to give my boyfriend a caricature of us on our 2 yrs being together on Sept 15. But I want to make it creative and a humourous.

I have attached a picture of us. Let me know if you need more from different angles or individual ones to see the face better

Now I was thinking something like him running to me and behind him is pile of all his favourite things thrown away. He is a liverpool fan so a liverpool flag, absolutely adores his job (deutsche bank) so probably a Deutsche logo, loves wine, tennis, seafood and his blackberry. It could be a background of Bank of china building in HK -is that possible? (since he lives in HK and works next to this building) and I will be standing on the right (pls make me look good hehe!) model like pose in a red dress, one hand on hip looking at my nails or something absolutely unconcerned that he is running to me...... If its difficult to have a bank of china background then maybe a beachy background and a merlion somewhere in it to make it look like Singapore. If neither are possible, then a neutral beachy background will be perfect as well.

Obviously you are the artist so I am more than happy for you to suggest something else as well which will incorporate the things he likes and that he . I did like 2 caricatures in particular off your blog,one for a guy called Vinay where he is on a beach, tattoo and snake. Another was a birthday caricature where this guy is getting kissed on the cheek by a girl and she looks thrilled. Both were great!"

Couple caricatures Liverpol fans
After some discussion via emails, we made some amendments here and there like:-
Can't be looking at her fingers, as she can't provide such photo of herself.
Red carpet and reporters. Seems like they all like these stuff.
Didn't draw her stepping on the Deutsche logo (which she requested in her subsequent emails), as I don't think it's right to show in my drawings.

Her response was "Cool, great, very nice!", upon receiving this framed artwork.

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