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Monday, September 01, 2008

Caricature for SafMarine

Client's request:-
"picture of the car n guy in the Viking hat to be drawn.
actually the guy in the Viking hat is the same guy in picture 1.

the mini car has a sun-roof n the guy has his head coming out of the sun-roof.
do ensure that the word 'Safmarine' is clearly visible.

backdrop to hv Singapore Flyer."

Caricature for SafMarine on Sunroof Mini Cooper
Usually, I will draw car caricature in landscape format, A3 size.
But in this case, the client wanted the Viking hat and the subject's head popping out from the Mini Cooper sun-roof, and she wanted it done in A4 size.
Thus I have to squeeze the car horizontally. Rather restrictive but the outcome is quite satisfying. It will look cuter when the car body is shorter.

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