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Friday, March 29, 2013

Australia Army Photographer caricature

A returned oversea customer's brief:-
"Thank you very much for your Caricature of our work mate Damien, We were all thrilled to see the likeness of your art work to him! Well done!

There we a lot of people saying they wish they could get one of these for themselves...

I was wondering if you could do another Caricature of one of our former Australian Army Photographers please.

I've included a zip file with a few photos for reference including a photo of the former Australian Army Photographer, Bernie.

I have also included a cartoon that I found on a magazine a few years ago that I think looks very similar to him. I think it would be great if you could create something similar to this, please.

He will be needing to wear his Disruptive Pattern Desert Uniform or (DPDU,  aka Australian Desert Uniform) with him holding a Nikon D3s Camera, A pistol strapped to his left thy and the F88 Rifle hanging down in front of him please. (I have included all these things for you inside the ZIP file)

If I could have a video camera Sony Z1P on a tripod and him holding the Nikon D3s in his hand that would be great!

The similar (or same) mountains that you did for Damien's Caricature with the signs Pakistan on the Right and Afghanistan on the left would be great! I've included a photo of what Afghanistan mountains with snow on them, for reference as the ones that you did for Damien were green. (there ain't much green in Afghanistan.) if you could colour them similar to the photo that would be great.

On his both of his sleeves he should have Corporal Stripes and above those stripes on the right should be the 1JPAU Patch and on the left should be an Australian National Flag (ANF) patch.

If his body and the camera could be facing towards the left so that we can see his pistol on his left thigh that would be great, also could you please do not put a helmet on his head, as his hair (or lack there off) makes it more noticeable that it is Bernie, (if you could put it attached to the side of him that would be great, thanks."

Australia Army Photographer caricature

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