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Friday, March 01, 2013

Caricature for Temasek Polytechnics

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
You did a wonderful job for us previously ( and now, we’d like to get another portrait done.

·         This will be a “Thank you” gift for our outgoing Deputy Director of the School of Business. She is moving on to another portfolio within the school.
·         Her name is Sock Cheng and attached is a photo of her.
·         She is very often dressed in formal suits (refer to “sockcheng-suit”).
·         Can you please draw her working on the laptop (fingers typing) at a very neat work desk?
·         On the table: Potted plant with flowers, yellow paper files (for approval of memos), pen/stationery holder, a cup of tea.
·         Can the school’s logo be incorporated into the drawing? Maybe as a name plate on her table? I have attached the logo.


·         We will also  need the drawing framed in a simple wooden dark brown frame.

......  One more thing for the picture: Would it be possible to add a mini schnauzer sitting in front of her work desk? Just a generic salt-and-pepper (grey/white) small dog."

Caricature for Temasek Polytechnics
Client's feedback:-
"Very cute! Looks like her!"

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