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Monday, March 25, 2013

digital caricatures for Loreal

Client's brief:-
"Size: A3, themed background in full color
Background:  Sakura flower themed. So there should be a lot of sakura flowers in the background. Pink should be soft, gentle and delicate looking sakura flowers
Main character: I’ve attached his pictures in the email. We will like to have him repeated 3 times and similarly wearing a pink dress like the pic reference below
The main idea is he should be getting 60% more pinkish radiant from each picture. So the 1st picture he is dull-looking and gradually he becomes more pinkish radiant. The last picture he should be pinkish radiant and his face should be bigger, similar to the effect in the drawing below. Where the last picture is more impactful. Main character should look feminine, gentle and seem to be indulging with the Sakura flowers
Text on the picture: 60% more pinkish radiant in 4 weeks...
Others: Can we have the garnier logo  at the bottom somewhere"

digital caricature of Nouvelle - sketch
Draft for the artwork...
digital caricature of Nouvelle for Garnier on Wacom Cintiq 24"HD
Painting on my Wacom Cintiq 24"HD.

digital caricature of Nouvelle for Garnier - A4 (watermarked)
Final version, with desaturation on the left. My usual marker medium cannot do this effect effectively. Thus, got to paint it digitally.

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