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Thursday, March 07, 2013

guy caricature with Mitsubishi Lancer

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I am repeated customer of yours, and would like to order another caricature drawing from you as I like your drawings very much.

I would like to have:
- Caricature drawing  in colour marker with background and theme
- Its a gift for my friend as a graduation gift
- He has completed a degree course awarded by UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN

- Attached a picture of him for your reference
- Is it possible to have a small banner, with words, " Congrats Chris on your graduation"

- He is a fan of mercedes Benz car
- Can u draw him in a polo tshirt,with Mercedes benz logo

- Maybe you can draw him standing beside his car, mitsubishi lancer ex
- Attached sample picture
- Can u indicate his car plate number on car, "SJQ 7811 Y"

- background I am not sure what to draw, maybe you could advise
- can be a waterfall background or garden, or whichever you think is appropriate..."

caricature with Mitsubishi Lancer

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