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Monday, February 06, 2012

Australia soldier caricature

An oversea order:-
"I would like to have the caricature of our mate holding a Nikon D3 Camera and a Sony A1 Camera wearing Australian Camoflage - Disruptive pattern Camouflage Uniform (AUSCAM DPCUs). It would be cool if The Royal Australian Navy rank could be showing (DPCU Petty Officer Rank on DPCU.) on top of his body armor if possible please. On his right shoulder the 1st Joint Public Affairs Patch (1JPAU) will need to be showing.
I would like the caricature to be in the desert – also a little bit muddy and to be wearing combat body armour with a high-powered Browning pistol strapped to his right leg. His helmet will have a Contour HD Helmet Camera attached.
In the background, I would like to have two (2) large mountain peaks with snow on them and blue sky please; the left peak to have a sign saying Afghanistan and the right peak to have a sign saying Pakistan. Both of these signs should look old and run-down,
Flying in between the two mountain peaks I would like a small CH47F Chinook Helicopter with a mini-gun on the side. I will find this picture and send it to you as soon as I can....." 
Australia soldier caricature

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