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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mr John Pearson caricature used as logo

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,
i am a graphic designer based in germany, and i am currently working for
DHL Express in germany. We have an urgent project, a flea market, where
John Pearson is selling merchandise for a good cause. My work is to make
a logo for his stand.
While searching google for pictures of John Pearson, i found your great
caricature of him, that you made in 2010. My question, can we use your
illustration for this project, and if yes, could you send me a highres
picture of it? Would be great to have it today or tomorrow, because the
event happens next week.
For questions of price an billing, i would give you the contact of mr.
schlee from dhl express here in germany...
Youre doing great work! Im looking forward to your answer... ;-)
Greetings from germany,

caricature for DHL - John Pearson
This is the caricature I did of Mr John Pearson last November.

DHL - John Pearson caricature logo
The designer sent me his design, with the caricature incoporrated.

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