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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Caricature theme - Wedding at Garden

An order from Australia.
Client's brief:-
".....I am looking at having a Colour A3 Caricature with the theme of "Wedding" done for my 1st wedding anniversary as a VERY belated anniversary present. We were married on 8th Aug, 2008 (08/08/08). I would like to have a garden background as we were married in my in-laws front garden.
I would like to have the Double Happiness Symbol incorporated in the drawing somewhere (maybe on Chinese lanterns) in another picture that I have attached.
"Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary" 08/08/09 also incorporated
I would be in a black suit with white shirt & red tie as pictured, but with my jacket closed
I would like my wife to be drawn with a Frangipani in her hair like she is pictured in the attached photo of her & I have attached another photo of the dress which is cream/Ivory in colour....."

wedding couple caricatures at garden
Yes, you read it correctly. The client attached the first email he sent me 2 years ago, but he was a little slack, and only confirmed his order today.:D

Client's feedback via email:-
"Jit, It looks awesome & many thanx…."

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