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Thursday, August 11, 2011

digital group caricatures of CSC

Client's brief:-
"I was thinking aloud of maybe having the management team carrying Mike while he could be holding a globe with the landmark popping out.....
Hence I thot you would be grouping the pp and so it is not important where they are from . Hence you asked me to proivde names so that i can advise you who to move where, remember?

Anyway, there are 2 photos of Mike Shove - he is the President - the person we are giving the drawing too - you decide if to refer to the one with jacket or without..your call.

So the countries with a required landmark will be :-
1. Spore
2. Msia
3. HK
4. Japan
5. China
6. Korea
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. Philippines
10. Vietnam
11. Taiwan

You decide what would be a good icon to show in the drawing...."

caricature draft for CSC
2 draft previews as per requested by the client.
My preference is the top one, and the client eventually chose the same one.:)
caricature draft for CSC - 2
digital group caricatures of CSC - 1
The client wanted a huge one for this - A1 size. I don't draw many artworks of this size often.
As the biggest marker paper available in the market is A2 size, to draw it in A1 size, I have to join 2 pieces of A2 marker paper together.
digital group caricatures of CSC - 2
I wanted a change this time.
Still the same A1 size as per requested, but I proposed to the client to do it digitally. Still hand-drawn, instead of on paper, I draw on my Cintiq (computer). In fact, upon completion, I found that I have to spend more time on it than drawing on paper.
digital group caricatures of CSC - 3
But the advantage here is that I can draw them on separate later, and position them as deemed fit.
digital group caricatures of CSC - 4
The completed sketch in lineworks.

digital group caricatures of CSC - 5
Light colour wash applied to the sketch of the main subject.

digital group caricatures of CSC
The completed artwork.

A2 size framed digital group caricatures for CSC
And this is the main reason for drawing it digitally - I can print it out as one piece in A1 size, without joining two A2 size marker paper together as one piece. Though the joining part is not really obvious, but the feeling of having one piece is always better, right?
The above photo is to give you an idea of how big an A1 size artwork is.

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