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Friday, August 19, 2011

technical drawings of a cartoon motorbike

Client's brief:-
"Dear Sir,
Draw b/w illustration (motorbike) in (smaller than A4 or A5 (actual) size ) - front, back and side view. i need this to do 3D modeling....
Based on these 2
For image "bike_a.jpg, i want to use the wheel of the motorbike.
For image "cartoon-bike.jpg, I want to use the whole image of the bike....
Can help me to get the front and back view proportional to be as close as possible to the side view...."

Motorbike technical drawings (watermark)
I rarely do such illustrations. It is not fun and lively as in caricatures and portraits (with expressions and postures etc). This is a mix and match of different reference images, and illustrated in Macromedia Freehand. It is not any easier. In fact, I spent a long time to ensure the front, side and back views tally technically.

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