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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Married digital wedding couple caricatures on convertible Mini Cooper

Client's (from Switzerland) brief:-
"Hello Jit

We'd like to order one of your caricature in colour with background,
body and a theme.
We checked a lot of your examples on the website and we already have
our favourite (see picture just_married_car.jpg).
We just would like to change a few little things in this picture: the
steering whel should be on the left side and it's okay if the man is
Then we'd like to have some cans behind the car (car is pulling the
cans), similar to picture "just_married_cans.jpg".

We prefer the coloring of the picture "couple01.jpg" because it is
more restrained than in all your other caricatures like
We do also like the blue glow/shadow around the caricature
"couple01.jpg". We think you will see if this wish fits to our
If you think something similar will fit much better then please feel
free and go for it."

"Just Married' digital wedding couple caricatures on convertible Mini Cooper
I did the line sketch and added a light wash over the digital sketch.
It is still hand-drawn. Instead on paper, I sketched on computer.
Many of my clients have the wrong impression that digital means that it is done using software and filters, with ease.
But the fact is no!
I used the brush tool in Photoshop like I used for drawing on paper with pencil, pen and watercolour brushes. It still requires the drawing skill to get it done. You will get a better idea if you look at the video I have captured of the creation process, from scratch to finish, at the bottom of this post.

Client's feedback:-
"Hello Jit
Thank you for your great work. We like it!........
What I did yesterday, was brightening a bit the background... The colors were a little to intensive for me.
Our faces look great, especially the one of my wife... you were drawing her just perfectly, like she really is! I really love her carricature.
So thank you once again... right now I'm downloading the video... quite curious what it is. :-)
We will definitely reccommend you to our friends!
We wish you all the best and good business.
Olivier & Daniela"

I sent the video to the client. He dropped me another email:-
"Wow, I just watched the video. I'm very impressed to see how you did it... you're really talented.
Thank you so much for sending us the video. Awesome!

Tell me, how long did it take to draw our carricature?"

It's 5-7 hours!

"Allright, very interesting. I totally underestimated the necessary time. I thought about 2-4 hours....and I wish I would be so talented like you. :-)"

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