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Monday, June 27, 2011

Indian traditional wedding couple caricatures on Honda Super 4 bike

Client's brief:-
"HI Mr Jit,
.....We actually meet 2 weeks ago at your place in-conjunction with caricaturing my wedding portrait. I have attached the sample copy pic that i spoke to you about. I have also attached the following documents:

1. The super 4 bike (All 4 side views)
2. My picture
3. My fiancé’s picture
4. The attire that we would be wearing in the drawing- Jus a guide for u (Main colour: GOLD with Base designs: RED)
5. The sample picture captured from your blog

I would need the drawing to be landscaped. Coloured . The bike can be designed as taking cornering with the effects...."

Indian traditional wedding couple caricatures on Hoda Super 4 bike

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