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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Caricature theme - romantic couple caricatures at Siloso Beach

Client's brief:-
"Pls help me draw as romantic as possible. Is important so that I can catch her heart!
The place we visit before our memories:
Universal studio, mount faber cable car, singapore flyer, sentosa beach, marina sands hotel. (Hope u can highlight them all in drawing so that she can remember our memories)
She like green and red colour.
She like sky.
Hope the info can inspire ur imagination."

romantic couple caricatures at Siloso Beach
Pen and brush inking on paper.
Colouring (by hand) in Photoshop, as the smooth gradient sunset sky can be better achieved in this way than rendering with colour markers, which will have overlapping lines.
Do you consider this as traditional or digital caricature?
I would say it's mixed medium!

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