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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caricature theme - Chinese traditional wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
I would like to order a Theme Caricature. I have no preference for
either marker or digital. Perhaps you will be able to provide me with
ideas after looking at the theme I have set out below.
Event: Friend's Wedding
Theme: Shanghai Tang - 1940's era
Purpose: to be displayed outside the hotel ballroom - at the reception area
Ideas: 1. Backgroud: Outside the house
2. Attire: Chinese Traditional Costume
3. Action: Dancing/Groom carrying bride 'walking' towards the house
1. Background - Outside the house
The reason I want to have the house as the background is because I
want to show the Groom's family's 堂号。堂号 that is ancestral name or
title, is mainly used for different surname , clan or family. Check
out - If cant read
chinese, you can translate it into English. 堂号 is normally engraved on
a wooden plaque to be placed on the entrance of the house. See the
picture on the wiki website. The Groom's family's 堂号 is 东鲁。So the
words to be displayed is 东鲁.
2. Attire - chinese traditional costume
Their wedding theme is Shanghai Tang. Not sure if 1940s era has the
1940's wedding costume. Tried to search online but dont seem to be
able to find it. So guess to 'fit' the background above, chinese
traditional costume can do.
3. Action - Dancing/Groom carrying bride 'walking' towards the house
Since i want it to be outside the house, guess these are the 2 actions
that I can think of. Maybe you can let me know if you have other
I have a question - is A3 size too small to be displayed outside the
ballroom? If it looks nicer if its bigger, then let's go for a bigger

Shanghai 1940s Chinese traditional wedding couple (revised)
A mixture of traditional medium (pen, brush and colour markers) and digital medium used here.

Client's feedback:-
"my friends and their families, especially the hubby-to-be, likes the pic. They are
impressed with the artwork as this is the first time they actually see
themselves as a cartoon! hahaha... (am glad i chose the right artist,


MM said...

Hello, how much would it cost for something like this? expect the groom will be wearing a traditional korean wedding attire?

thank you.

please email me

jit said...

Hi MM,

The email you have given doesn't exist, as it was bounced back to me. Thus , I leave my reply here.

Caricature with theme in colour is SGD$90 per person, SGD$180 for couple, A3 size.
For traditional wedding costume, it is SGD$20 extra per person, due to the amount of details needed.
Usual leadtime is 4 weeks, subject to availability.
There will be a surcharge for collection in less than 4 weeks.
Please check out the details at the following link:-

# Same day delivery is (100% extra); 1-day delivery (90% extra); 2-days delivery (80% extra); 3-days delivery (70% extra), 4-7 days delivery (60% extra), 8-11 days delivery (50% extra), 12-15 days delivery (40% extra), 16-20 days delivery (30% extra), 21-30 days (20% extra), subject to availability.
The surcharge is calculated based on the day I receive your payment as confirmation of order, till your collection date.
When do you need it?

Do you need softcopy or lamination?
High resolution scan-in + send electronically is SGD$25 for A3 size.
(This will be needed if you need the gradient blue sky like what you have seen in that caricature, as it is added in digitally)

A3 lamination is SGD$5.

Payment via Paypal (if you are not staying in Singapore) is subjected to 6% admin fee charged by Paypal.
Shipping (if needed) fee of the original artwork depends on your mailing address.

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