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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Caricatures for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Client's brief:-
"1st Caricature - Pete
This is for my HR Manager who is leaving the company. We want Pete to be a BIG HEAD, BIG SMILE holding a BIG MICROPHONE as he usually lead in our monthly Townhall sessions. In a PINK SHIRT with a pair of JEANS on. To show Pete looking at a powerpoint slide (a piece of scribble paper – may photo) with new hires and we would like a range of our products like fragrances, SK-II and Olay around him. He handles fragrances, SK-II, Olay, etc"

presenter caricature for P&G

"2nd Caricature - Patricia
The first attachment is a sketch from my boss for Patricia. Patricia with a BRIGHT SMILE in a CHINESE COSTUME on top of the maps of CHINA, HONG KONG, TAIWAN (she will be relocating to China). On both her hands, we would like her holding a bottle of SK-II on her right hand and Olay on her left hand just above her shoulder."

Caricature for P&G SK-II & Olay 26062011

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