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Friday, April 15, 2011

caricature theme - wedding couple on Ducati

Client's brief:-
"Hi there,
My name is Hudah. I'm interested in your caricature service & hope to get 1 for my wedding event.
My wedding event in on 19 Jun 2011.
I would like to know whether you do caricature wedding cards?.....
I would like to have Caricature with background & body in colour marker & the theme would be:-
I want the background theme in a Racing Bike Event since my fiancee love racing bike. There will be a flag swaying that shows we have complete the race & the winner for the race. There will be some audience at the background. (attached: Example of the scene with Audience)
The Groom & the Bride will be on a Red Racing Bike. (attached: Bike Picture)
Groom - I would like him to wear a full body bike suit in Red with bike boot & black tuxedo. (attached: example of body bike suit)
Bride - Same full body bike suit in Red but the lower part will be skirt rather then pants & bike boot. I will also want to have veil, small tiara on head & wedding ring on hand. (no spectacle for me)

Scene - The groom will be holding the handle of the bike.
The bride sit behind will be slightly sitting higher then the groom. One hand is on the groom shoulder while the other hand holds wedding bouquet. The hand that holds the bouquet, is raise up high, to show that we are the winner..
Please also include our name: Luqman & Hudah 19 June 2011. Could our name be on the banner? (attached: Track with banner).....
Groom - wear black tuxedo with the Bike Boot and glove?
Bride - wear wedding dress..the dress must not be bustier..maybe a turtle-neck, above the knee with bike boot as well.."

Wedding couple caricatures on Ducati

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