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Sunday, December 19, 2010

digital caricature theme - warrior on Ibex

An oversea order, from India.
Client's brief:-
"Hey Jit,
Hope you are doing well.
I have been a HUGE fan of your work for over a year now and have been following you on facebook!!
For a dear friend of mine, i want to commission a coloured portrait with a background theme for his birthday. I have been particularly impressed by the dragon detail in the Bruce Lee Sketch of yours.
This friend Sunil has a Coffee Plantation Business and is very passionate about Food and love Goats (Mountain goats IBEX) !!
Some of the initial thoughts are as follows:
Warrior like person with an Alexander King helmet, with a red feather plume coming out - person is riding an Ibex (himalayan goat) - prefer goat's hair to have some detail like the bruce lee dargon.
Sword in one hand and a coffee cup with coffee spilling out in another
Coffee plants / plantation in the background
Goat can be chewing coffee plant / beans on the floor - but running in motion.
Goat heads lying in the background - like dead bodies in a war
Person's eyes are very important - greenish shade - naughty / mischevious look in the eyes
Nose is also very important - has deep roundish impressions on both the nostrils
A big wide smile / laughing loudly
A bright colored flag from saddle on ibex / or behind the goat's backside saying "Rosedale Coffee & Spices"
Somewhere "Happy Birthday Monsieur Sunil Rasquinha"
link for some images -
Ibex - and
Alexander like helmet - and
Photos attached - one of goat head also.....

I would like to order a A3 Digital caricature with theme in colour. I like the ANZ Digital caricature as a sample...."
digital caricature of knight - sketch
Sketching out the idea....
digital caricature of knight colour scheme
Deciding on the colour scheme.....
digital caricature of knight - 1
Start painting....
digital caricature of knight - 2
Fine tuning......
digital caricature of knight
Completed version.
Most of the painting was done during my holiday in Malaysia.
Brought my Wacom Cintiq and Macbook Pro along the trip.
Initially, I thought they should be less bulky as compared to the colour markers, but in actual case, it isn't. The cables and adapters are taking up a lot of the space in my bag......
And I have to bring the traditional drawing tools like pencil, G-pen, brushes, colour markers for another job.... (which I didn't manage to use to colour markers, due to the many activities during this trip.) In the end, I am bring everything, both traditional and digital drawing tools lol!

Client's feedback:-
"Thank you sooo much Jit!! Love the pic :)"

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