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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digital caricature for ANZ

Client's brief:-
".....- theme: person is Australian. He has worked in Asia for about 10 yrs mostly in Vietnam and Singapore. I was thinking of showing him as a mixed bag --- in his favorite sport (Australian football or golf) and showing some Vietnamese and Singaporean touches.
It's our group send off gift since he's leaving Singapore....
- digital caricature with theme in colour. Also need softcopy
- no need to see previews
- delivery by Friday morning, 22 Oct
- pls frame it.
- male, Australian, 40 yrs old
- he has worked in Asia for about 10 yrs mostly in Vietnam and Singapore, and is moving back to Australia
- we want to show his time in Vietnam and Singapore

- mixed with humour
- he is on surfboard since he loves surfing
- he's using jersey of his favorite Australian football team (will send picture separately)
- he's holding a baby shark on one hand (color of shark is normal grey colour)
- he's holding a golf driver on the other hand
- beside him is a golf bag and these things are coming out of the bag:
- credit card with ANZ logo
- call centre agent, female, with headset
- ATM with ANZ logo
- mobile phone
- internet banking
- background is Marina Bay Sands, merlion, and something about Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi"

digital caricature for ANZ - 1
A crazy deadline. From the time the client made a deposit as confirmation of order, till the delivery date, I have about 1.5 days to work on the sketch, painting, send for printing, framing and delivery. These include the daily errands and routines. It is a good challenge to me, and see if I can complete thi sin time with quality. Usually I need at least 10 hours for such job. This means that I will be glued to my chair for long hours today......
digital caricature for ANZ - 2
digital caricature for ANZ - 3
The face - the most important part. It has to be done properly, no matter what....
digital caricature for ANZ - A3
Completed it within schedule....Phew.

A video of the drawing process.

Client's response, upon receiving this framed artwork:-
"Oh, cool!"

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