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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Schoolism final assignment - digital caricature of Bruce Lee

digital caricature sketch of furious Bruce Lee - 6
Continuation of previous assignment - illustration part 3.
digital caricature sketch of furious Bruce Lee - 6
(The above 2 images were not posted in previous post.)
digital caricature of Bruce Lee - 9 small
Fine-tuned this illustration, based on Jason's critique.
Tilted the angle of the dragon, and showed more of its claw.
digital caricature of Bruce Lee - 10 small
Pushed the hair details more. This part was fun.
digital caricature of Bruce Lee - 11 small
I had a hard time painting his arms, as I don't really have good reference photos of them.
I tried to figure them out by using my arms, together with some of his photos I get online, imagine the lighting, his veins and muscles.
digital caricature of furious Bruce Lee - small
This was what I can do at this stage, with my current skill.
Hopefully, I can push myself further in the next painting of Bruce Lee.
Personally, I think it looks better than my previous painting of Bruce Lee's caricature.
These 2 paintings showed how much I have learnt from Jason (Seiler's) Schoolism course - before and after.

A precious video to me......


Kacey said...

This came out awesome Jit! Looks like you worked hard and had an awesome time painting this - great achievement and improvement since your last Bruce painting. Can't wait to see more as always!

jit said...

Thank you for your compliments, Kacey.:)

Unknown said...

Very nice painting Love the concept and composition and the caricature of the legend that is bruce lee :)

jit said...

Thank you, Gerard.:)

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