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Monday, December 27, 2010

Buddy caricatures - Band of Brothers

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit, I have decided to go ahead with printing the image on 5 T-shirts. Please advise me on the total cost as well as the dimensions of the T-shirt (XL size). :)
1. Caricatures in ink (b/w) - 5 persons
2. Words "Band of Brothers", would like to request that the drawing of the words be similar to the pic attached.
3. Would it be possible to draw the 5 of them wearing army helmets & uniform (doesn't have to be full bodied)?"

Soldier buddy caricatures
Soldier buddy caricatures printed on T-shirt
Caricatures printed on 5 T-shirts.....
Soldier buddy caricatures printed on 5 T-shirts

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