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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Couple caricatures Wedding @ Goodwood Park Hotel and caricatures for parents

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

My fiancee,Valerie, and I love your caricatures, and would love to get ours, along with both our parents' done for our wedding on 20 November 2010!

Our plan is to have one for each of our parents (i.e., 4 individual caricatures) and another for ourselves (i.e. a couple caricature). Our requirement is as follow -
4 individual caricatures (his dad, his mum, her dad, her mum)....
1 couple caricature (us in one caricature)

"Descriptions of caricature themes:
"Benjamin & Valerie
  • Theme: Bride in off-shoulder wedding gown, Groom in Suit.Backdrop featuring Goodwood Park Hotel. Day-time look.
  • Preferably less stiff looking caricatures of us, more "interactive" type of emotions/look between us."

wedding couple caricatures @ Goodwood Park - A3

His Dad
  • Theme: Dad as a Chef.
  • Possibly holding a frying pan/ spatula on one hand, and another hand holding his Sony Ericsson Hazel mobile phone; because he will always text us the menu for the day"
chef caricature
"His Mother
  • Theme: Mom is one who's generous and always giving, has a very big heart
  • Possibly with a big handbag that's opened (she loves her bags!), and from within she reaches into the bag and dishes out hearts with both hands"
caring caricature
"Her Daddy
  • Theme: Daddy as a Handyman/Mr Fix-it.
  • Possibly holding a toolbox, or working on something in the house; because Daddy's able to do anything and everything, from fixing electrical stuffs, to gardening, to sewing, to plumbing, to cooking etc etc."
multi-tasking caricature
"Her Mummy
  • Theme: Mummy as a Perfect Homemaker, keeping all things in order in the house
  • Possibly cooking, keeping the home in pristine order. Aligning bed linen to hotel standards, packing books, clothes etc away neatly and in order."
housewife caricature
Upon their collection, I heard what the bride-to-be told her fiancé:-
"My mum looks like my mum... Your dad looks like your dad! .....My dad looks like my dad...... So cute! So beautiful!"

They dropped me an email for another 2 orders, with a feedback:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the caricatures of our parents and also of us, it's really well drawn! We love your interpretation, looking at the caricatures makes us smile :)...."

They made my day.:)

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