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Friday, October 22, 2010

Schoolism Assignment 8 - Illustration Part 2

Schoolism assignment 8 - digital sketch of Joel
Citizen sketches - Joel....

Schoolism assignment 8 - digital sketch of Dan
and Dan.

Another part of the assignment - celebrity caricature with full body posture.
digital caricature sketch of furious Bruce Lee - 2 watermark
I discarded the Lady Gaga caricature (not knowing that this subject will be used for the last 3 assignments of this course initially), and worked on this Bruce Lee caricature.
Anyway, I don't have much more to work on the former too.
It was a lot more fun here. This expression was challenging. It doesn't have the usual look (the features, especially his eyes) of Bruce Lee. You can tell from the sketch above. It doesn't really showed his likeness, until I painted in the details.
digital caricature sketch of furious Bruce Lee - 5 watermark
digital caricature of furious Bruce Lee (WIP) watermark
This is still work-in-progress, waiting for Jason's critique, before I work on it further.
Will update this in a later post.:)

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