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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Digital caricature theme - Glee

Client's brief:-
"Theme: Hit TV Series GLEE

Background: A poster kinda with bright coloured background (eg attachment GLEE)

Add. Info:
1. One hand must form a "L" to fit into the missing space in "glee" just like ( attchment GLEE)
2. it could be an overhead view down so whole body can fit into "poster" OR simply like ( attachment GLEE) face plus a bit of body . i leave it to you sir, whichever you feel brings out the effect to its best.

Basically almost an replica of the poster ( attachment GLEE), just this time she's one of the characters.
Captions at the bottom of the poster will be "MON OCT 11 FOX" just like the original with the small prints directly above as " THE ARRIVAL OF A DROP DEAD DIVA"
Captions at the top remains as " A biting comedy for the underdogs in all of us""

Glee-themed caricature - draft
Glee-themed caricature - 1 small
Blocking in the colours.....
Glee-themed caricature - 2 small
I exaggerated her face a bit....
Glee themed caricature
Adding in the gradient background, and layout the captions.... done!

Enjoy this video!
This client is very kind to email me his feedback (really appreciate it!):-
"Hi Sir,

i would like to thank you once again for ur time and effort for the caricature.
My friends and i love it so many many thanks :)
Definitely will be back to engage ur great and unique service in the near future!


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