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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

portraits in b/w watercolour

portraits in black and white watercolour - pencil sketch 1
Working on a few jobs concurrently.
These portraits have to be completed before I can concentrate on the job for Pico Art.
These 2 ladies are the same person, just that one with tudung, while the other without.
She will be sending this portrait to his husband, who is working in South Africa currently, as a surprise gift.
Husband with 2 women....haha!
portraits in black and white watercolour - pencil sketch - 2
These images of the portraits were snapped with my digital camera.
Not very well-taken, as the paper warpped, due to the water applied to it during the painting process.
I can't mount it on a thicker card for her, since she needs to roll it up for easy handling and shipping to South Africa.
portraits in black and white watercolour - b

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