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Thursday, October 14, 2010

digital portrait illustration for Pico Art International - Michael Grenville Gray

digital portrait illustration of Michael Grenville Gray watermark
digital portrait illustration of Michael Grenville Gray revised watermark
The client's client wanted less frown, and a more smiley face.

One big misconception of the layman is that we the artists are the magician. We can just change the expression easily, even though it is not shown in the reference photo.
In this case, the smile. I can't just make him smile bigger, as the facial muscles around his mouth will change too. If I do it based on imagination, high chance is that I will lose his likeness, as everyone has their own unique features (in this case, the smile). To put it simple, I can't put your smile on his face. That is not him, not his lips, and face shapes etc.

Not complaining here, but just to share some knowledge about faces and portraits.:)

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