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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pencil portrait of Lew Kuan Yew 李光耀

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong

I am looking to get a set of portraits for our office, and I would like to request a quote for the whole package.

- 9 portraits in total. Each one will be a famous person, like Einstein, Lee Kuan Yew, Li Ka Shing, for example.
- Each portrait around 7 inches square
- I can provide photos for reference but they will be sourced from the web.
- Aiming for your pencil "detailed full shading" portrait..."

Pencil portrait of Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew 李光耀
A series of 9 portraits of world famous people for a construction company - for Fengshui purpose...
First one - Singapore Minister Mentor Lew Kuan Yew 李光耀

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