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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My own digital caricature....

I seldom draw my own caricature.
The last time I did that was in 1997, which is 13 years ago.:D
Sketch studies of Jit
Some digital sketch studies I did.... I have sketched so many faces, but it is definitely a weird feeling sketching my own face. Lol!
digital caricature of Jit
I redraw this sketch.

digital caricature of Jit - 2 small
Colour scheme....

digital caricature of Jit - 3 small
Painting in the details.....

digital caricature of Jit
Added in the name - Jit, which my friends and clients like to call me.:P

The sketching and painting process......


Unknown said...

Hi Jit,
It was really interesting to see your process there. Can I ask one thing though: You seem to do an initial rough, then put some rough skin tones on a layer UNDER the lines, then colour on top of the lines and rough colour? I have wondered about the best process for this, as when I've done this, I've coloured completely under the lines until a point when I can just take away the lines and then continue colouring. It's probably just whatever suits you best though I suppose!

jit said...

Thanks for your sharing, Fiachra.
Sometimes, I need the black lines and rough colours beneath. Thus I don't take the whole layer(s) away. I erased them when I need to.:)

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