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Sunday, July 25, 2010

digital caricature of MIA

digital sketch of MIA - 1
A full body sketch.

digital sketch of MIA - 2
This sketch is a fun one!:)

digital sketch of MIA - 3
Two more sketch studies....
digital sketch of MIA - 4
digital sketch of MIA - all
Putting all in one to decide which one I should take it on further....

digital sketch of MIA - 2  light wash small
This sketch has more potential to me. I am thinking to use airbrush for the smooth and blur effect, with fine and defined lines for the details. Hopefully, it works out.
digital caricature of MIA - airbrush1 small
digital caricature of MIA
I wish I can spend more time on this.... but jobs are piling up......

Enjoy these videos......

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