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Monday, July 12, 2010

Caricature theme - knight, princess, white stallion & castle

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I would like to get a personalised caricature (in colour) done in A3 + rubber stamp for the following:

The background should consist of the Neuschwanstein Castle with us walking down a track leading from it.

The knight, in armour (in black, with silver trimmings) holds the reins of a white stallion on his right, while his left holds the right hand of the princess.

The princess is dressed like Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. For her, please let her hold a brown teddy bear (creature comfort) on her left hand.

Please also include the words: Joshua & Irene 01.01.2011 (at the bottom)....

I would like to include:

a. Scanned Copy
b. Black Acrylic Frame

For the Photos, I would hope:
a. Armour (Black) - as attached on the knight's tale view (Opt 1), but with the black metallic finishing as the bad guy on the right (aknightstalecast)
b. Princess - could you check if the gown can be drawn? (Princess_Opt1), if not, the Princess Belle out (Princess_Opt 2) can probably do. "

Wedding couple caricatures - knight & princess A3
Wedding couple caricatures - knight & princess printed on black rubber stamp
Caricatures printed on black ink rubber stamp.

Wedding couple caricatures - knight & princess in A3 size black acrylic frame
Framed up in black acrylic frame (backing).

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