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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Caricature for JP Morgan, Hong Kong

An oversea order from Hong Kong.
Client's brief:-
"hi Jit,

As discused, I would like to send my boss the special farewell gift and his last date on July 2nd who will be leaving Singapore.

He is so nice, gentle, passion, hard-work and perfect boss ! my requirement below :

- Caricature of him in a superman suit (he always protect us & work from 7am - 11pm!) - our JPMC logo in center, is it work ?
- background is Singapore (if you can draw "Capital Tower" will be great then)
- with his motor cycle and his 2 grandchild (rat terrier dogs) holding a heart shape boards and banners that read "Rob, We will miss you VERY MUCH"
- left hand with Well Done gesture
- as he is Asia Head, I would like the picture to have country flags around him with heart shape (Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong & Singapore)"

Caricature for JPMC HK A3
Funny huh?! Superman on a bike.....

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