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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caricature montage of Viggo

Client's brief:-
I have attached the sketch I sent you for the one you did for me last year. Unfortunately I can’t find a copy of the original finished product.....

I have gone through the whole concept and I think I have it as I want it. Please find the basic concept with 4 attachments as part of this mail. I have labeled all the scenes from I to IX as I am commenting on each scene below. I have also put numbers next to where I want you to look at the attachment for ‘inspiration’. Obviously the numbers I to IX and 1 to 15 shall not be in on the finished product.

See my comments below.

Scene I:
My brother runs a football academy for kids 10-15 years old. This is meant to show him giving a theory lesson at the academy to the kids. He is teaching the boys tactics. Attachment 1 is the logo for the academy which I want in the drawing. Attachment 2 are samples of the cola my brothers always drinks and I want him seen holding a bottle of TaB while talking.

Scene II:
My brother and his wife often go hiking in the mountain. I want them to be seen in the mountain with back packs on (like the one in attachment G). They recently climbed the mountain in attachment 3 and if you can fit that in it is fine, if not, any mountain will do.

Scene III:
My brother has 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. They used to go on all sorts of sporting holidays in their blue Volkswagen Caravelle (see attachment 4 for sample but colour should be blue). My brother and his wife in front, the three kids in the back. The kids don’t need faces as long as they look like kids with blond hair. I want skis, ski poles, snow boards, footballs and hand balls (same as football only smaller) sticking out of the car (as it did from my boss’ Volvo last year). I want bicycles to be hanging from the back of the car.

Scene IV:
This is supposed to show my father (shirt number 9 with name TÆTT on the back), VIGGO (shirt number 6) and GUNNAR (shirt number 10) standing in a Copthorne Hotel bar (attachment 5) drinking Guiness (attachment 6). The 2 boys (THOMAS with number 4 on the back) and CHRIS with number 7 on the back) are not allowed in to the bar and must stand outside. I leave it to you how to draw this. No faces needed in this scene.

Scene V:
This is the main feature and shows my brother playing football. He is wearing his team’s black and yellow striped shirt with black shorts and yellow socks (attachment 11). Note that there should be a Diadora logo (attachment 7), a club emblem (attachment 8) and two sponsor logos (attachment 9 and 10) on the shirt.

Scene VI:
Here my brother is stealing strawberry jam in my mother’s basement store room. There are two small windows above his head and he was caught when my aunt spotted him from across the street. I have tried to draw some jam glasses and a couple of potato sacks. Strawberry Is JORDBÆR and potato is POTET in Norwegian.

Scene VII:
My brother was central in having this indoor football field made. The idea is to show a man (no face needed) standing in a ladder hammering away to finish this thing. The stadium is called SEAWORKS-HALLEN and there is also a club emblem (attachment 8) on the wall. The building is pictured in attachment 12. Next to the ladder I want included four cans of TaB (as in attachment 2).

Scene VIII:
When in school my brother was very lazy. This is meant to show his school bag with all the books – and home work in it standing outside the entrance door. He could normally not be bothered with bringing it in before he went playing football.

Scene IX:
In his youth my brother served in the UN peace keeping forces in Lebanon. I just want this to be in but no face needed here, a soldier with the hat as in attachment 13 will do and the two flags as in attachment 14 (Lebanon) and 15 (UN).

Attachment A to I are pictures of my brother. In attachment G, H and I you can also see his wife who I would want to be in scene II and III – if possible. You have to judge if you can make the face big enough for her to be seen clearly.

As for the allocation of space I leave that to you but scenes VI, VIII and IX can be done smaller than the rest.

As you can see it is quite a big job but I was very impressed last year so I want to have a go at it again.....

Please find attached a few more photos of my brother. These are from when he was younger. He was 23 in the top one, 19 in the one on the right side below and 14 in the left below. I have found nothing from when he was younger than this, but I think he was around 14-15 when he stole the jam from the food cellar.

I have also realized that I have missed out on one major incident in my basic sketch. If you think it is possible I would like to add one scene. When he was 26 he broke his leg bone pretty badly in a football match. They operated a metal plate on to the leg with 9 bolts. He managed to break this plate by falling over (rumor has it it happened while dancing on a table…) They then had to operate in an even bigger metal piece (36 cm!). He came back on the football field playing with this latter piece in his leg. The attached newspaper article is from this incident. I was hoping that you could draw him dancing on a table in a disco with his crutches over his head. Let me know if you think there will be room enough for an additional scene in the drawing...."

Viggo caricature montage pencil sketch
Understanding the brief took me a long time.
The client gave me a long time, which also stressed me a lot.
I know I have this 'big' project which I need to complete.
It was left in my schedule tray, until 3-4 weeks before the due date, I took it out and started working on it.
Viggo caricature montage ink outline
One problem with this job was that the client has limited numbers of photos of the subject at his young age. Most of the photos provided are quite current. Therefore, you will notice that he looks rather old in some of the scene, whereby he is supposed to look young.

The inking tool is all done in G-pen. The details are just too small for the brush to come into this process.

Caricature montage of Viggo A4
Come to the colouring stage, usually it shouldn't take up so much of my time.
This one is an exception. Perhaps due to the amount of tiny details.
Did I draw in too much little stuff? :D
No joke, it took me 2 weeks+ to complete this job, but on and off.
Quite a torture to me, psychologically. I seldom spend so much time on 1 job.

Basic concept - Viggo
One big problem here - I missed out this attachment in the client's email.
He has everything planned out, as previous job.
The feedback from him is that I did not follow what he has requested.
As such, the overall impression of the subject's favourite - soccer, was not shown in this drawing.
The lucky part was that my layout was more or less conincides with what he has drafted out.

Caricature montage of Viggo A4 (revised) flattened
No choice. Since it was my mistake, I have to make the necessary amendments.
I scanned this A2 artwork into digital copy, redraw the door and scholbag scene, rearranged the scenarios, shrunk some of them down, and made the soccer theme in the centre of the artwork. Added in the subject's name and age.
Next is to send this for printing into A2 hardcopy.

Upon seeing this revised artworked, the client said:-
"Very good! Fantastic! This is exactly what I want!"

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