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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on airplane

Client's brief:-
"We would like to have a caricature wedding card and after a detailed search on the net I have found your web-page. We live in the Netherlands and we just want to have the sketch in digital format (JPG, TIF, whatever you use)...

About the theme, we want to have a theme as we were in a plane with our wedding dresses and at the back of the plane there appears a note in Turkish saying we are going to marry. I tried to prepare an example (theme would be something like this but including us in the plane), and attached this example image also....

It is a usual, known wedding dress for the bride and I am going to wear a usual groom suit. I have attached a photo of a common turkish couple in their wedding dresses (of course these are not us :)). And by the way, could you also draw the veil for the bride? "

Couple wedding caricatures on airplane
If my memory doesn't fail me, this could be the first time I drew such airplane, and wedding couple in such airplane. Looks good. The bride lsent me quite a number of photos. I chose this photo as reference for the caricature, as she looks pretty good in it.

To my surprise, Turkish wedding gown and suit are just similar to those Western type.
I thought it is something very different before I opened up the attachment.

And now I know this Turkish word 'Evleniyoruz' is 'going to marry' in English, though I don't know how to pronounce it.:D

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
Thanks for your great work. We both liked them a lot. Above address is also ok.
Thanks again. "

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