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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Caricature theme - nature walk

Client's brief:-
"I'll like to do a caricature for 2 persons in colour marker with theme. I do not have any theme in mind yet. The idea is to have something cute and colourful for the house. Do you have pre-defined themes to suggest, or should i decide on something before coming to you?....
Can you draw 2 persons with 2 imaginery puppies?.....
We love travelling, red wine and doggies. We do hot yoga every weekend. Sometimes we go for walks at Bukit Timah Hill and MacRitchie Reservoir too. We also like watersports and the beach...."

Couple caricatures - nature walk
I chose the nature walk theme. Somehow, before I draw, I can picture that should looking loving and cute, especially with the 2 imaginery puppies.

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