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Monday, July 20, 2009

Caricature theme - Manchester Utd fans' wedding on plane

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

My very good friend is getting married and I would like a caricature of her and her husband on an airplane. This would be printed on an envelope that would contain her wedding favour. (a glider)

Plane to be on the left hand side of the picture with a banner trailing behind that reads "Thanks for being part of our journey!" (without the apostrophes) Their wedding logo (Pic 1) would be at the back of the plane. The plane can be of any design – see sample picture of plane on envelope (Pic 2)

Both are Man Utd (must be spelt as Utd and not U) fans and both are to be wearing Man Utd jerseys (no particular design/ jersey number needed)

The bride would have a veil (flying in the wind) and would be holding a bouquet of colourful flowers (deep, rich and contrasting colours) (photos attached for colour reference – pic 3 n 4). Her hair is long and tied – any style, except in a bun (refer to pic 5).

Groom would be holding a soccer ball. (or maybe spinning the ball, whichever looks better)

Background – Maybe clouds? And some patches of brown n blue to represent the seas and continents they are traveling over.

Attached are some pictures of the bride and the groom. : )

Going for the scanned copy n the soft copy..."

Man Utd wedding couples on airplane A4
I think it is better to have them sitting on the plane, than popping out of the windows.
Somehow, it really looks wierd and very distorted to me.
Visually not nice, even though for a caricature.

Client's feedback upon seeing this artwork:-
"Wow, that's nice!"

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