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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caricature theme - tennis player

Client's brief:-
i love your caricature works and would love to have you draw one for me(:
i would like to present a caricature of my dad for fathers' day
he loves sports so i was thinking of him holding a tennis racket
oh, can you draw him like flexing his muscles after making a shot?
i've attached some pictures of him
he also has this habit of placing his specs above his head
could you include that too?
yup, that's about it. black and white in ink is fine with me
dont really need a background i think..."

Caricature of a tennis player in inkand brush
Challenge here is that the (only) photo provided of the subject, has glasses put on.
One way to make sure the resemblance is there, after I 'remove' the glasses from the caricature, is to sketch him with glasses on.
Though I have made sure that the pencil sketch looks like him before I ink in (without the glasses), it still looks quite wierd to me when this caricature is done.

However, the client still likes it, meaning looks like his dad?:D
This client has a live caricature sketched by me at Costa Sands Resort last month.
She is the 13th client in that event.

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