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Thursday, February 02, 2012

group caricatures for Lenovo

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit and its nice talking to you earlier. Appreciate you agreeing on holding your schedule for me to make this project work. Anyway, as what we’ve briefly discussed please send me a formal quote for an A2-size Group Caricature for 20 heads with cartoon body and background in marker pen (Black and White) medium similar to the Group Caricature Sample Image. For the concept or art direction, the client is keen on using their event tagline “MARKETING LEADERSHIP ANATOMY” inspired the Vitruvian Man by Leonadro Da Vinci. Few suggested theme are; People doing their own masterpieces and acting like artist such as sculpture; painting; etc… Another idea would be, each people to project or portray some famous and influential leaders like Neil Armstrong standing on the moon; Einstein; etc. Herewith attached are the photos of the 20 pax for your review....."

group caricatures for Lenovo
How many great figures can you recognise here?:D

Client's feedback:-
"Very impressive!"

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