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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Caricature for Dockwise Shipping B.V.

Client's brief:-
"Our colleague Andreas Rolner (attached pictures) is leaving this week. We have thought of a creative and funny idea to give him a lasting impression of us! Just a brief introduction, I am assisting these two companies so we are all on the same floor. Dockwise Shipping and SAL are separate entities but with a common goal. As Andreas will heading back to Germany, we would like to give him a farewell gift from the bottom of our hearts. The picture will have him on an SAL vessel ( with their ship on our Vanguard vessel ( – please also see attached artist impressions of the Vanguard. The Vanguard is currently one of the world’s largest vessel so it makes more sense also to have their vessel on top of ours (like as though we are carrying them) We would like to also add in these words “Dockwise will support you no matter where you are, how far you will be” Setting should be on the Sea with nice clouds or sun ray, like a very warm happy sailing feeling....."

  Caricature for Dockwise Shipping B.V

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