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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Singapore skyline illustration

Client's brief:-
"Hi there!
......I chanced upon your beautiful illustration of the Singapore city scape while googling for a graphic to use as a backdrop for my new local website. I was wondering if you actually sell the rights for the usage of this particular drawing?

The website will be basically an online concierge service site, which is currently in the midst of the design phase. The main idea is to make it a bright and fun site for young working Singaporeans to surf in. I am thinking your drawing will be a perfect fit for the backdrop, where it will be used on the bottom of every page, plus it also adds some local flavor to the entire site.

Do let me know if its fine for us to apply your wonderful drawing as our site’s background?....."

Singapore skyline illustration (revised) watermark
To protect my clients' interest, I don't resell the commissioned artworks I did for them, to third party, even though I still own the copyrights.
The above illustration was redrawn and reposition from scratch. It is watermarked to protect this client's interest too.:)

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