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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Caricatures for GC Asia Dental

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
2 of our bosses are retiring soon and as a form of appreciation, we will like to give them personalised caricature drawing as retirement gift. We’re looking at A3 size theme caricature in colour marker with framing and soft copy. Here are some information about the 2 guys, hopefully will give you some inspiration?! ;)
1. Edwin J Balchin
Supports the football team Pompey ( and also enjoy crickets. Like to read (newspapers/books) and drink Tiger Beer.
Theme: Wearing the Pompey jersey and holding a cricket bat
2. Michael J Williams
Appreciates and enjoy drinking wine. Will be enjoying his retirement life in his new vineyard in Australia.
Theme: Enjoying his red wine with vineyard as background or conducting a wine appreciation course
Frame: Matt-finished dark brown wood (Code A12).
As it has been quite some time since we last liaised with you, we would appreciate if you can kindly advise us on the total cost and also the estimated completion date..."

Pompey football cricket bat caricature
Wine appreciation caricature at vineyard

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