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Friday, May 13, 2011

George Young caricature for Mediacorp Okto channel

The brief from the Senior Director, Christopher Khong:-
"Hi Jit Leong,
Great speaking to you earlier.
As discussed, below is a brief write-up of what we are planning to achieve.
This project is for a segment on Okto at 10pm nightly where we “hunt” for arts happening around the neighbourhood, arts in different forms, etc. The duration for this segment is about 2 to 2.5minutes long so the interview would not be too long.
We are looking at conducting the interview next Friday at 3pm at your premise....."
George Young caricature for Mediacorp Okto Channel
I did a 5 minute live sketching in my studio (which I seldom do for my other clients, as I am usually busy with my studio works), for the filming purpose as well as a gift for George.:)
He told me that this is the first time he has his caricature done.
Now, you know why he is in this posture?! :D

George Young caricature for Mediacorp Okto Channel
George Young caricature for Mediacorp Okto Channel
A snapshot at my messy studio! :D

Chris will send me a copy of the video clip on DVD, as well as the confirmation of the air date.
Wonder how they will edit the clip.... Let's see?!

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