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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Caricature theme - wedding at Toronto and Shanghai

An oversea order (from United States).
Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
We came across your website and thought your work is really fun. We're thinking about having caricatures as the cover of our wedding invitation. We're also thinking about incorporating them into our wedding, maybe have both of our caricatures printed on the place cards.

Here is what we would like to be done in the drawing
1. We'd like the drawing to be done in color marker (we like the effect). But since we'll be putting that on the cover of our invitation, would you please deliver it in digital format? Maybe JPEG, in resolutions 300 DPI or higher.
2. Aspect Ratio of the invitation cover, 8 inches wide by 4 inches tall.
3. The pose that we'd like is shown in the attached picture, titled pose.jpg. a small modification: please make Jing hold a bridal bouquet in the front (please see bouquet.jpg).
4. Please put Alex in a tuxedo (see tuxedo1.jpg, and tuxedo2.jpg), minor mod: change the black bow tie to a white bow tie. Please put Jing in a wedding dress as shown in bride's dress1.jpg and brides's dress2.jpg
5. We attached a few more pictures to show you what we look like (couple1-8.jpg). Use Jing's hair style shown in couple3.jpg, and give her a long veil, but pull the veil away from her face.
6. Setting of the drawing: Bride and Groom standing in the front of a red bridge with the tropical greenery in the background. see red bridge.jpg, replace Jing with Alex (left) and Jing (right), see pose.jpg for reference.
7. please incorporate the lanterns shown in lanterns1.jpg, lanterns2.jpg, lanterns3.jpg into the background with the greenery. we don't need to have the wording "Hoi An" on the lanterns, blank is fine. We'd like powder blue and gold lanterns the best, since these are our wedding theme colors. However, if you think the colorful lanterns work better with the picture, please go ahead and make the call.
8. please put Toronto skyline (see Toronto.jpg) to the left of Alex, put Shanghai Skyline(See Shanghai.jpg) to the right of Jing
9. Please incorporate the two characters in LaoFuFu.jpg somewhere around the bride and groom that you see fit in the drawing.
10. At the bottom of the drawing please put the following wording
Alex and Jing
Sept. 12, 2011

Oh, and make us look good! hahahahahaha~~~"

Couple wedding caricatures at Toronto Shanghai - A4
This is the original hand-drawn version.
Couple wedding caricatures at Toronto Shanghai - A4 (edited)
Since the client requested for a digital scan-in (to be sent over to her electronically), I added in a gradient blue, and a better typeset (caption) for her.
Which version do you prefer?

Client's feedback via email:-
"Jit, the picture looked like us! you did such a good job. It's so cute. my friends thought you did a good job capturing our spirits. i'll write a blog post about your work, and link you site. Thanks again!"

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