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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Digital caricature theme - playing Gu Zheng (古筝)

Client's brief:-
"Hi, Mr Chong,
Are you able to customise a drawing of 伯牙&子琪 in ancient costume? I intend to send it as a gift for my friend in taiwan, so prefer to have the drawing in A4 size.
Attached are pics of 伯牙&子琪 for your kind reference.
My ideas would be:
One gentleman playing the guzheng
One lady as a listener....
May i know what is the drawing style for attached pic? color pencil or marker ? I like that drawing style very much. do you think will it goes well with the ancient costume theme?...."

couple digital caricature sketch of playing Gu Zheng (古筝)
The client wanted a more sketchy style.
I tried to incorporate the client's reference photos, together with Chinese Brush painting style into this artwork, with some loose sketchy lines.
A rather different from my usual drawing style?
couple digital caricature sketch of playing Gu Zheng (古筝)

The video capture of the above drawing.

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