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Friday, April 29, 2011

Caricature for Hill Dickinson LLP

Client's brief:-
"Please note that we will like you to do up a caricature for our senior partner who will be leaving us tomorrow. His name is xxxxxxxxxx. I have attached two pictures in this email (the one below, and attached - you will notice the only gentleman in the picture). Our firm operates as the Maritime International Law Firm - a theme of water, with boats, or of something along that line will be ideal. I shall leave this in your very capable hands!! Was very impressed with the last one you did for me (for Allen & Overy - if you remembered).....
Can I change the whole theme to him being on a yacht drinking a bottle of champagne in the sea?"

caricature on yacht with champagne for Hill Dickinson LLP
Feedback from the client:-
"That's perfect!"


john said...

Very nice..

jit said...

Thank you, John.:)

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